Emergency Lighting

Through our reputation for innovation, quality and reliability our range of Emergency Lighting has grown to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our emergency lighting includes rugged, portable floodlights and rechargeable LED hazard lights.

Solaris Duo Li-ion

solaris-duo-li-ionThe most powerful battery powered floodlight in the world. The Solaris Duo offers a real alternative to generator powered lights, offering a very high light output up to 32,000 lumens. It is lightweight and all parts are housed in an unbreakable plastic case. It has wheels and pull-up handle for easy transportation. The Duo has telescopic poles reaching to 1.9 metres and is stable due to the retractable stability legs.
• 25 year guarantee on the case
• Sturdy stackable case
• Wheels and integrated pull up handle
• Comfortable rubber coated anti-slip handle
• All parts are housed inside the IP67 rated case
• Vacuum moulded fitting for safe storage of parts
• High visibility locking latches for easy setup
• Battery status indicator
• Retractable high visibility stability feet
• Carbon fibre telescopic poles

Galaxy-Pro Rechargeable LED Floodlight

Galaxy-Pro Rechargeable LED FloodlightGalaxy-Pro Rechargeable LED Floodlight, designed using the toughest composite materials for use in industrial applications where it is essential to have robust, maintenance free products. Utilising the very latest LED technology the Galaxy-Pro produces a very impressive 3500 Lumens output (equivalent to a 500W Halogen light) and gives a wide floodlight beam in excess of 30m.
• 3 Light mode: 3500 lumens (HIGH) – 1750 lumens (HALF) & Dimmable
• Rechargeable Li-ion worklight
• 3500 lumens (HIGH) – 1500 lumens (LOW)
• Runtime: 4 hours (HIGH) – 8 hours (LOW)
• Battery: 7.4V 13.2 Ah Lithium-ion
• Storage on the reverse for mains charger
• Robust, durable construction – Polycarbonate
• Designed to meet IP54
• Silent operation
• Dimmable (10-100%)
• Change the angle to suit your need
• High visibility reflectors

Emergency Rechargeable LED Hazard Lights

oryg-fourcolours-1-copyThe PULSAR Pro is a multi-mode, rechargeable LED warning lights; designed for traffic control, signalling, hazard awareness, zone demarcations and vehicle safety. Ideal for professional applications, including the Police, Fire and Highway Services. These small but robust units are manufactured in shock resistant plastic housing, are waterproof (up to 10 metres) and virtually indestructible (withstanding most vehicle weights if crushed). Built in magnets allow attachment to vehicles or any metal surfaces.
• Rechargeable Li-ion hazard warning light
• Visible from over 1 Kilometre 360°
• 360° Illumination
• 10 Light modes
• Operates up to 60hrs
• Waterproof (IP65)
• Floats in water
• Crushproof (3 tonnes)
• White torch setting
• Millicandela (MCD) Red: 7,000, Yellow: 7,500, Blue: 6,000 Green: 11,000, White Flood: 18,000
• Available in yellow, green, red, blue and white