Bobby Logue - Managing Director of Interconnective LimitedInterconnective Limited (Interconnective), the leading security solutions provider, have introduced SecurityGear to their extensive range of products. SecurityGear has been designed to provide flexibility to security professionals when dealing with critical situations, in either preventative or reactive mode.
Initially, our SecurityGear offering included metal detectors, search mirrors, needlestick gloves and security officer log books. Interconnective’s founder and Managing Director, Bobby Logue, said: “Key to our success has been our ability to listen to our customers needs whilst monitoring market trends, both locally and internationally. Violent attacks are growing in the UK and we have put together a package of equipment which can assist frontline security personnel in detecting, defending and defeating such threats.”
Interconnective continually assesses their offering to ensure that their customers have access to relevant solutions, which meet current threats standards. SecurityGear has been configured to be constructed from a single unit, to a fully edged operational kit. The SecurityGear equipment range currently includes a range of ­smart metal detectors, under vehicle search mirrors, emergency floodlights, search gloves, megaphones, search equipment and first arid training, among other products.
Chris Lanchbury, Head of Technology at Interconnective, said: “We are excited to add another industry-leading solution to our range. Developing a relevant security used to be annually, now it has become a daily yet exciting task. The offering created by SecurityGear will assist frontline security personnel become more effective in their daily activities within shopping centres and other premises.”
“We understand the crucial requirement of security across the United Kingdom. We appreciate that the high level of service required is occasionally provided within difficult and challenging circumstances, where discretion is key. It is important to manage both the safety of security staff and visitors to the centres effectively”.
Established in 2000, Interconnective’s core brands include Jack Ellis Body Protection, The Partner Body Worn Video Solution and The Partner Patrol Solution.
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