Search Equipment

Our Search Equipment includes a range of Adams Metal Detectors, Vehicle Search Mirrors, LED Lenser Torches, Turtleskin Needlestick Gloves, Tables, Search Trays and collapsible privacy screens. All of these products are essential when a security professional conducts a search.

Adams Metal Detectors

Adams-AD11-VAdams Metal Detectors are a range of innovative, high-quality, professional metal detection solutions, which are firmly positioned internationally as the metal detection sector market leader. All metal detectors are manufactured in an ISO 9001: 2000 UK based facility. Adams are well known for their extensive research, development and innovation in the metal detection field.
Adams-MittThe innovative hands free Mit has become a serious metal detector choice for professionals involved in the pat down search of personnel. The operator can detect standard weapons (small knives, guns etc) yet The Mit has extra sensitivity to detect metal objects as small as a book staple, or even smaller. The Mit is ergonomic and comfortable enough to be worn continuously throughout a shift and is a flexible fit.
Adams-ER3000Also included in the range of Adams Metal detectors are the ultra sensitive AD2300 and AD2600S. The fully automatic AD2300 wand style metal detector features high speed and high definition technologies with the simplicity of a single push button operation. This model has precision accuracy in locating even extremely small masses of all metals of up to 0.03 grams detection mass. The AD2600S features “Linear Detection Technology”. This detector has the highest sensitivity in the range. The AD2600S is now used for the detection of extremely small masses of metal that have been ingested or concealed in body cavities with a target of up to 0.03 grams detection mass.
Completing the Adams range are the AD series of general metal detectors, the AD10-2 Adams general-purpose hand held metal detector has a target range to 0.1 grams detection mass. Two operational variations the AD 11-2 and 11-V with additional features and improved detection capabilities with a target range of better than 0.1 grams detection mass.

SecurityGear Vehicle Search Solutions

image3As security tightens, the greater the requirement for vehicle searches. Not only have under vehicle searches become the norm, there is a growing requirement for over more thorough and flexible searches. In designing our vehicle search solutions range we have taken into consideration the changing landscape. Our offering consists of three different vehicle search tools namely:
Under Vehicle Search Mirror – Premier
Robust and lightweight, this trolley style Under Vehicle Search Mirror offers cost effective manoeuvrability and clarity. The 30cm convex, acrylic circular mirror is perfectly clear and protected by a rugged plastic bumper, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. With a low ground clearance, the mirror is mounted on a tri-wheel base with a pivotal movement mechanism for optimal visual adjustment.
Over Vehicle Search Mirror
As security tightens, the greater the requirement for vehicle searches. Not only have under vehicle searches become the norm, there is a growing requirement for over vehicle searches. As a result, we have introduced an over vehicle search mirror with a telescopic pole reach of 1 to 3 metres.

LED Lenser Torches

LED Lenser® is the world’s leading brand of technologically advanced, high quality LED Torches and lamps. These lights use state-of-the-art engineering and a variety of patent pending reflector systems to create the brightest, most energy-efficient LED lights available.

LED Lenser® offer a variety of different torches and headlamps which are all robust and suitable for use by frontline security personnel. The LED Lenser® range of torches is a result of unrivalled engineering and all their torches are water and dust resistant for use in adverse conditions.

TurtleSkin® Gloves

TurtleSkin SearchTurtleSkin® gloves are the latest development in safety glove technology. Offering the highest performance against punctures, cuts and abrasions, they remain lightweight and comfortable, preserving hand dexterity and sensitivity of touch. TurtleSkin® is a patented fabric using an ‘aramid fibre’ woven more tightly than has ever been achieved before. The result is a very thin, flexible and extremely cut and puncture resistant material which far exceeds typical ‘aramid’ gloves. It is the only flexible material available which helps protect against needle stick, metal shards and glass fragments with a thickness less than 3 sheets of paper.

Folding Table – 6’ X 2’6” Rectangle

Trestle TablePerfectly suited for use within a shopping centre, these folding tables feature a 19.5mm exterior grade one piece plywood top. Whilst allowing a comprehensive storage place of products for easy accessibility, the tables also have plastic feet prevent damage to floors. No assembly is required which suits easy storage.
• Industrial strength leg locking mechanism
• Black powder coated steel frame with American style folding wishbone legs
• 6 coats clear polyurethane varnish: prevents moisture damage
• 2 extra wide wooden stacking battens for additional strength
• Heavy duty black PVC rubber edging, tongue and grooved in place
• Bolt through construction for maximum loading capacity and strength
• Flush visible rivets in surface, designed to be covered with tablecloth for formal functions
• 25mm steel table leg tube, 1.2mm thick

Deep Search Trays

Plastic Search TrayThese search and screening trays are ideal for use within shopping centres. The trays can be used to hold personal items containing metal such as mobile phones, laptops etc.
•Dimensions: 20”L x 15”W x 5”H

Mobi 7 Way Fabric Screen

Mobi fabric search screen 4These screens are a sturdy flexible solution to provide temporary seclusion when necessary. This is perfectly suited for instances where a search needs to be conducted. The screens folds flat for easy storage and can be assembled within seconds.
• Silver powder coated paint finish aluminium frame.
• Each System Comes with Castor Feet, Clip On Support Feet & 100 Velcro Dots.
• The Loop Nylon Fabric is suitable to accept Velcro.
• Upholstered both sides in chosen fabric.
• Mobi screens of 6+ panels come with a centre support foot for additional support.
• Available in 3 heights 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm.