Security Accessories

The SecurityGear range of security accessories includes a range of products to aid security professionals dealing with a critical situation. The accessories include barrier tape, a 30W megaphone, yellow hi-vis vest, pocket book, and A4 occurrence log book.

Barrier Tape

Barrier TapeBarrier Tape is ideal for prohibiting access, highlighting hazards and marking off danger areas. Non-adhesive barrier tape. Available in red/white and black/yellow.
• Ideal for prohibiting access
• Non-adhesive barrier tape
• Ideal for prohibiting access, highlighting hazards and marking off danger areas
• Red and white or black and yellow tapes

30W Megaphone

MegaphoneWhen panic occurs during emergencies, a megaphone can be used to calm people and instruct. With a whopping 30W of power and a handheld microphone, this is a great megaphone for frontline personnel and as temporary alarm cover during maintenance of your fire alarm system. It includes a siren switch. Uses 8 x D size batteries.
• 30W max power with volume control
• Anti-feedback microphone can be attached or handheld
• Switchable siren
• Press to talk simple operation
• Made from solid ABS plastic and metal
• Length 340mm
• Diameter 230mm
• Weight 2kg
• Range 600m
• Uses 8 x D-type batteries – optional extra
• Shoulder strap supplied
• Manufactured by AVSL

Yellow Hi-Vis Vest

Yellow Hi-Vis VestThis is the very popular, highly versatile and economical Hi-Vis vest. It is suitable for numerous applications that have a high visibility requirement. This vest complies with EN471 offering class 2 (intermediate) protection. High Quality Reflective Tape – 2 Band & Brace.
• Ideal for prohibiting access
• Black Piping
• Velcro Fastening
• Washable 25x
Pocket Book
Pocket BookThe security officers pocket book is a pocket size notebook, ideal for security officers who need to make notes and keep a log of event whilst on the move.
A4 Occurrence Log Book
A4 Occurance Note BookA 200 page serially numbered occurrence book. A4 size. Includes the headings; Serial No., Time, Occurrence Details, Signature, Cross Ref.